Monday, July 2, 2012

Utah 2012

Took the kids down to Utah for a few days. We hit Zion and hiked the virgin narrows a couple of times. What a great hike through the water and 1000 ft walls. Definitely one of the top hikes in the world. Next time we need to go up to Kolob canyon, I heard that is good. We camped at Coral Pink sand dunes again. What a beautiful place that is.

We then headed to Bryce canyon which was my first time there. It is quite beautiful, but very touristy. We did the Queen garden hike and down at the bottom some kids had made hundreds of rock cairns everywhere, even in the trees. It was very cool and creative. Kodachrome state park was a great camp spot as well.

We'll have to go to capitol reef one day. Paul said it had fruit trees growing everywhere from an old settlement.

After that we hit Bryan Head which is a neat little town up in the mountains. It was a nice break from the heat. We then stopped to pick up our new yorkie George and headed to park city for a day. Quite a nice ski resort town and lots of activities at the olympic mountain like ziplines, bobsleds, and downhills into the water. We'll probably head back there one day.

So after days of intense desert heat and sunny skies, we hit a massive hail storm on the way back in montana. It was deafening in the car for about 20 miles. I had to slow down to 15 mph on the highway. Most cars had pulled over. Crazy weather here.

Potatoes are looking great, but everything else in the garden is so so. The beans are looking decent. Tomatoes are starting to come up but I may have planted them too late.

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