Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Crazy Ex Landlords

So we are getting a solid 10 eggs per day now. One of our ducks mysteriously drowned in the horse trough the other day, kind of weird. I did not know ducks could drown. The ducks are very cool.
We are breeding the goat sometime soon so we'll have babies and milk in the spring. More self sufficient.

We had a great thanksgiving at David and Amys, kudos to them for throwing a great dinner party. The kids had fun playing with Nick and Jacob. I had the privilege to talk with Davids dad for a while. What a wealth of knowledge and experience he has.

And just when you think you have seen the last of our psycho ex landlords, we get 3 voicemail death threats from them. We of course have to go down and file a police report. They basically tell us that since he has no business ever coming to our house, if he does, use deadly force to protect our family if necessary. Then the next day, Jason Terry calls back apologizing. A totally different tone.

Now today someone is using my identity to sign up for match.com and datehookup.com. Probably the ex landlords. It is almost humorous, but we are having the FBI investigate them. This would equate to 5 felonies between the death threats, some cross state issues,  and identity theft. These 2 just keep digging their own grave. It is a shame.