Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Fall in Pucon

Another night of not being able to sleep. So instead of laying in bed, I do what I always do and crank out some unique websites and work. Have to take Monica to the airport early AM to see her mom who is in the hospital.

Anyway, the blueberries (arandanos) were awesome this year. We picked a ton at a friend of ours farm. Loaded the freezer for a while. I am going to plant a few this year. The blackberries were good as usual. The weather was kind of funky during blackberry season, but we ate tons for free. And the chestnuts (castanas) are in season now. Free food every day. We are up to 30 something rabbits now. We ate a couple this week that were delicious. Chickens not laying yet. We ate the 2 roosters this month. No toleration for crowing at 5 AM.

So summer is over. Tourists gone. Weather has still been nice into the end of April, but it looks like some rain is moving in. The boys and I all had terrible cough, congestion this month. Not sure exactly what it was, but it sucked. I never made it to Cochamo this season. Something always seems to come up.

Mikey and I are working out every day with juijitsu. It is awesome but really hard at my age. My competitiveness keeps me going. And it is great doing it with Mikey.

Abs rocked her SAT. 1450. She is going to Oxford this summer for some classes.

Share Your Dreams is going to be awesome...