Thursday, March 28, 2013

Summer is almost here

Our goats are due with babies any day now. It will be nice to have fresh farm milk again. Hopefully we'll have some girls so we can sell them and make some money to pay for winter feed. Monica has been hatching ducks and chicks to sell and to replenish our flock. Chickens lay best the first year, then tail off.

The weather has been superb and has given me a chance to work on the great wall this week. It is coming along. I am going to put put large round rocks on top for coping. This should look cool. I need to start designing the patio and steps to the back deck.

Monica and I have been getting adjusted at a chiropractor this month. She is straightening me out. It is quite fascinating how a poor spine and posture can affect different organs in your body and hormones. We are also eating very healthy now. Lots of plant based living foods.

Delirium and pandemonium are great reads in the dystopian genre. I can't wait to read abbeys book when it is done.