Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Summer in Chile

It is great to be reunited with the family after a year of dealing with satan and his followers in atlanta. What a nightmare that turned out to be. Seeing people that go out of there way to convince everyone around them that they are christians, yet lie and steal and cheat every day. Quite sad indeed. It is pretty easy to tell true christians. They live like Jesus. Fake christians are vocal and try to convince everyone around them that they are christians to take advantage of people in business and other areas. We have visited the coast the last 2 weekends. Very nice. Mehuin and Quelue. Valdivia didn't look like much, though. Good cheap fish in Quelue. Tortuga found her favorite dish in Chile, ceviche. It is delicious. Jak started summer camp this week. He is digging it. We have been climbing a few times in Cerduo. Michael is getting better. I want to check out cochamo and Pienetas soon. The town was super full on new years, but not totally full yet. I am surprised as the weather has been incredible. Abbey and Wyatt are food nazis now. They mean well, but are so extreme in everything related to food. I am trying to get them to understand that moderation is the key. They are eating so healthy now, that it is ok to not be 100%. It is hard to fault them for this, but they don't know 100% about some things and that is where the debates come in. Tortuga and I swim way off shore every morning for our morning workout, then I head to the office. It is refreshing and peaceful in the lake in the mornings. We are still struggling with the spanish. Mine is sort of spanlish at this point. But is is very difficult to hear and understand it when they speak so fast. This has been quite a life changing experience so far. We'll see what the future brings. I am about to reinvent myself again in the business world. Lots of big ideas, just have to pick one and roll with it.