Thursday, January 24, 2008

Nice snow

We had a couple of nice snow days here for the kids to play in. That may save me from having to take them to NC this winter. JAK is cooing at me now. Babies are awesome. Record months for 3 of the sites and I have quotes for rolling out my own infrastructure now. Look out!!! I successfully tested for my blue belt this month. Atlas is shrugging now in this country and will probably affect the world. The world stock markets tanked overnight and the fed dropped rates .75% in 1 shot. Ouch!!! Monica and I are trying a body colon and toxin purge for the next 90 days. Should be interesting. My quest for health is never ending. Michael turns 9 in a couple of weeks, wow.

Saturday, January 5, 2008


James is smiling now and is 1 month old. The kids have been out of school for 2 weeks which makes it very hectic around here. More record months on the ecommerce sites. Waldowares is coming online this month. I am getting info to start my comparison engine soon. I am excited about that. The time off since leaving Instawares has been one of the best learning periods of my life in terms of what is important in life. I have an inner peace I have not had since back in my rock climbing days. I don't worry about little things. I can safely say money is not what drives my world. Family, friends and living life are what it is all about.

I like the competition to do things bigger, better, and faster than the next guy in the business world. I have always been very competitive. If you create and innovate and do things more efficiently, money will come as a result. Everyone wants to have more money, but unless you can earn it honestly, it is not worth having.

I truly feel sorry for pathetic individuals who I partnered with at instawares and who I worked for at sweet paper who love money more than family, friends, and god. It is sad in my mind to see these people who sell their souls for a buck because of their blind love of money. These people lie, steal and cheat in order to make money, but how can you have any dignity or self esteem by getting money from lieing, stealing, and cheating. It's sad.