Monday, August 26, 2013

Baylee Died

I had to dig my first grave last week when our great dane baylee died unexpectedly. I can't imagine a whole being harder to dig than that one. She was a great dog and will be missed.

It took me a while to get back from Vermont, but I finally made it after a 4 day layover in Atlanta. I learned a lot and that was a great trip. Great to see pappy and sporty.

It has been a beautiful summer here in Montana. No fires or smoke until August 20th when a fire broke out in Lolo pass. It has been smokey this week because of that but not nearly as bad as last summers fires. Mikey and I have been back to Burnt Fork Lake, hiked Kootenai Creek, and hike Gold Creek this summer. All awesome places. We have been gathering more rock and building the wall.

Monica and Jak spend 4 weeks in atlanta. It was Jakjaks first time back since he was a baby. He had a blast with the cousins.

I busted my ribs about 4 weeks ago in JuJitsu. Man has that sucked. They still are not completely healed. I had to cancel my climbing trip to the tetons because of it. ugggghhhh.... I am heading out to Bonners Ferry to check out property up there soon. I have heard it is even a better valley than this. Hard to believe, but we'll see.... I also stumbled across galts gulch being built in Chile. Very intriguing indeed. So tempting. It is just hard to be certain whether it is the right move or not. To be continued...