Sunday, January 20, 2013

CT Shooting Fraud

Where to start? It looks like our communist government will go to no limit to disarm the american people, including massacring children. The whole CT shooting stinks of inconsistencies in the stories and lies. The entire thing looks to be fabricated to give the muslim extremists in DC an excuse to try and disarm the american people. Not good. Genocide always follows gun confiscation. A civil war is brewing, mark my words.

We went snowboarding and skiing with the school last week. Lots of fun and only 2 kids got hurt. Last year, they were dropping like flies. Today Michael, Abbey, Monica and I shot some pistols out back. It was Abbeys first time.

All 3 goats are bred, so we'll see how many babies we get in the spring. Hopefully 6, that would be cool. And lots of goat milk if all 3 kid out.

So I try and learn something new every night. I have been researching nutrition and body ph and raw food diets and cancer cures. It really seems as though cancer can be prevented and cured with juicing and eating properly. The american food chain and diets are just so BADDDDD. I think if you eat NATURAL occuring food, you will be healthy as can be. We are going to cut out as much processed food and junk as we can without creating a rebellion from the kids.

I have read a lot of good books recently, most of which have been dystopian. Divergent series, Matched series, Maze Runner series. All great books and examples of what happens when elitist governments go wrong. I guess Atlas Shrugged was the original dystopian book.

It has been chilly this month. About 3 inches of snow on the ground now. It is nice when the sun comes out.