Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Met Thea Alvin

So we just finished a 4 day stone workshop on building moongates and arches from the experienced Thea Alvin up in Vermont. I learned a bunch which should help with my stuff back home. Thea definitely surprised me at her depth in thought. It is very rare these days that I meet someone so unique, understanding, and full of life. She has a big heart and is tough as nails.

I got to hang out with Pappy and Sporty while up in Vermont which was great as well. We went to the Barre rock quarry which is truly a testament to what mankind can do when not limited by communist governments and statists. That rock quarry is pretty amazing, 200 years old.

This flying standby is not exactly how you imagine it. I am now in Atlanta, trying to get home Saturday. uggggg. At least I get to spend some quality time with my nieces and nephews.

The garden is growing. First time we have ever grown spinach and brusell sprouts. yeahhhhh. Plenty of work to do back home if I ever get there. Greenhouse, wall, arches, patio, hugelkultur beds, ....
Mikey and I hiked to the top of St Marys peak and slid down the snow and ice. Lots of fun.