Saturday, October 8, 2011

Suburban Bits the Dust

Wow, 3 months since my last post. Life is way too complicated right now. I spent 3 weeks in Atlanta with Michael, picked up Abbey from camp, and drove back to Montana with our stuff. This is the last time I want to do that drive.
It has been a beautiful summer here in Montana. We moved to a new house August 30 after our landlords flaked out. Jason and Nicole Terry ended up being a couple of crooks and scammed us for a 1000 bucks. Live and learn. Karma will get them, I am certain of it.

Anyway, the new place is an older house but on 5 acres, so more room for the animals and farming. We got a dairy goat last week, so that makes 2 horses, 1 goat, 6 chickens, 11 rabbits, 2 dogs and 1 cat. Jenny and Josh helped us put up a fence and I built a structure for the rabbits and chickens.

The kids had to switch schools because of the move and are going to lone rock school now. A very small school, the oldest in Montana. The community is great.

After the grueling move, we have settled in to the new house and things are getting back to normal. Nice high speed internet from rocky mountain.

We get a steady 5 eggs per day now and after a few more months, we'll start eating rabbit regularly. We got some pretty good bounty in the garden in spite of having to harvest early. 10 gallons of potatoes, 10 lbs of carrots, a little corn, strawberries, tomatoes, beans and more. Next year is going to be even better.

Just when I thought things were getting back to normal, some guy hit our suburban today at 80 miles per hour while it was parked on the side of the road and totalled it. He launched it almost 100 feet. Unbelievable.