Thursday, December 5, 2013

Coldest Week Since We Moved to Montana

BRRrrrrrrrrrrr. It is around 0 degrees all week. Very cold. We are pretty much staying inside and working, playing games, etc. I am still the undisputed king of chess in this house. Acquired is getting worn out, what a great game. Lucky we have plenty of firewood since this is supposed to be a cold winter.

The kids have their season passes for lost trail and snowboards ready. It opens this weekend. They got 3 feet of snow last week down there.

I came across another freedom development in Chile from Simon Black, Sovereign Valley. It looks pretty awesome too. I hope to go visit in January from atlanta.

This country is getting more bleak by the day. Criminals and looters running the show, destroying the currency, murdering innocent people, dividing people against each other. Satan is definitely in control of most governments on earth.

Jak turned 6 today. He is a sweet kid. He is getting much better at reading and math.

Our friends the Lynns house burnt down a couple of weeks ago. That was some fire. Luckily everyone made it out safely.

here is a blast from the past.