Thursday, June 25, 2015

Balls Hot Here

Man, I forgot how hot Georgia gets in the summer. Not fun when you don't have AC in your van. lol Wyatt came back to the US with me to work on his programming and spanish. Some of his stuff is pretty impressive for his age. Just have to figure out how to harness it and make some money.

I took abbey down and got her settled in to Pucon. It rained every day on my short trip. Tested my work phone down there. Worked like a charm. The internet is awesome. Took jak to a hot spring one day. It was as nice as pagosa springs.

Everyone is still struggling with the spanish. It is not easy. I guess it just takes time. Got the car in our name finally. Found a decent mechanic in town.

Wyatt and I went up to Gehrigs last weekend. Great time. Good food, sailing, kneeboarding, hail storm, good times. Did a little grappeling with Gehrig. Fun times.