Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Winter 2013 is Coming

Woohhhh, the last month has been a blurrr. Monica went to atlanta for 2 weeks to visit her sisters. So I had to school the kids and do everything else. Wyatt and Abbey are frustrating me in that they don't do the work I give them. I allow them the freedom to choose certain things, but give them a few things specifically. They are way behind on their history book. Time to woop some butt.

Joe came out for a week and we started on the Great Wall of Stevi. It is going to be awesome. Glad I waited for Joe as he taught me a lot while he was here. I wish he could have stayed longer. So I am going to keep building the wall on my own until some better masons come out. I'd like to build a big arch entryway, but that is beyond me at this point.

Jak started back on his reading lessons last night after a 2 month hiatus. That is how busy I have been.

I also build a little hay barn and painted it green. Hay is a hot commodity this winter after the severe drought throughout the US this year. It ought to wreak havoc in the beef and livestock market this winter.

Oh, and a Korean singer became a huge hit in America. Opa Gangnam style.