Sunday, December 19, 2010

37th birthday

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. It was a quiet day around here. We did a little sledding after some fresh snowfall. The boys and I played on the frozen ditch up the road.

After a week of warm weather that melted all of the snow in the valley, it snowed 4 inches today. It has been a heavy snowfall year in the bitterroot, but not too bad. 10 inches so far this winter.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Winter has Arrived in Montana

Boy, it went from beautiful to freezing cold in a week. We had some negative temperatures last week and about 6 inches of snow. We are burning through wood like there is no tomorrow. We'll probably run out this winter. So I guess I'll have to get twice as much next year.

We are hang drying our clothes now instead of using the dryer. I want to see how much less our electric bill is without using the dryer for a month. Our washing machine broke down a couple of days ago. So we washed 3 loads of clothes in the bathtub with the whole family. It was good family bonding. I may just leave the washer broken.

Jak is turning 3 tomorrow. And he still is in diapers. He does not like to use the toilet. He is still not talking a whole lot either. We probably need to read with him more.

Anyway, if anyone is looking for some instant hand sanitizer, check out They have the best pricing on bulk cases. Purell sanitizes your hands and does not dry them out.