Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Back in GA

Well, looks like Abbey and I are here for a while. The rest of the family is heading down to our new farm in Chile pretty soon. I am interested to see how they like it, if they like it. It is quite different than America. The weather has been nice in GA. I did my first stone building competition in KY. Frustrating and fun at the same time. It was good to see Joe.

We also did a quick trip down to Orlando for the weekend. Good to see cousins. Cousins rule. It was also nice to go to the beach. I kind of missed the beach.

It was good to see Gehrig and Fabiola. They are doing awesome. Beautiful garden. I wish I could spend some more time up there. Have not had much time for anything other than work so far.

Flea markets were kind of a flop. We made some money, but not really enough to make it worth while.

Michael and Wyatt each had cavities that had to be filled Not sure why. They have never had any before. Must be what we are eating. But I am kind of worried now that I may have some. Paranoia, maybe? Jak and my appointments are next week. Abs, no cavities. But new braces.

Almost done reading the bible all the way through again. About 50 days to go. Youversion is good. Also, I am still learning spanish. I can't wait to become bilingual one day. Seems like a good skill to have.