Monday, April 23, 2012

Warm April In Bitterroot

What a beautiful April we have had in the bitterroot valley. It is 85 degrees today. We have been tilling, watering, and getting the garden ready. Everything is already green and growing in the yard and pasture. We have a ping pong table outside and usually play some rounds later in the evening before the sun goes down. Speaking of the sun going down, it doesn't until almost 9 pm now. I love the long days.

 Monica was gone for 2 weeks on another one of her trips. It was peaceful and calm around here. Although all 4 kids got some crazy flu going around. It knocked them out for a few days. Unbelievably, I did not get it, although I was coughed on for days.

 Our crazy farm is about to grow a lot next month. We have 2 goats due. Mia the yorkie is due. And 5 rabbits are due. Oh, and we added 10 ducks last week. Although the neighbors dog killed 1 already. I dug out a series of ponds going down the back pasture for them. They love to play in water. The horses get in the ponds and play as well. But we are getting 8-12 eggs a day from the ducks and chickens. I fenced in the other side of the pasture so the horses have been feasting on fresh grass for the last 2 weeks. Those horses are crazy. Pepper ran full speed into the fence yesterday and almost knocked the post out of the ground. I can't believe she didn't get hurt. The great danes tied last week, so we'll have some great dane puppies in a couple of months.

 I can't wait until my blacksmithing and stone mason class this summer. I have been wanting to learn those skills for a while.