Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ford F600 2 Ton Flatbed

I can't believe it has been 6 weeks since my last post. What a busy summer. Since my stone mason class, I have been collecting rocks for a big wall we are building here. It is going to be free standing at 4 feet high. I bought a 1959 Ford F600 2 Ton Flatbed the other day for getting rocks. Don and I mounted a little electric hoist on the back which can lift about 1000 lb rocks. Really cool. We have 20 loads of rock now and are waiting for my friend from KY to get out here before we start building the wall.

The smoke in the valley this summer has been awful. Raging forest fires everywhere have burnt hundreds of thousands of acres. The forest service is a bunch of idiots, to say the least. Very poorly managed.

Mikey is back in school. Abs and Wyatt wanted to homeschool this year, so they are at home. They have been helping me get rocks as their PE class. Ha, ha. They are reading history, doing spanish, learning sign language, math on Khan Academy, and watching science videos on khan academy.

We have rebuilt all of our chicken and duck coops. Still need to finish some stuff in the pasture for winter. We picked up some white peking ducks. They are not laying eggs, so we will probably eat them. They are giant with lots of meat. The boys and I have gotten plenty of wood for the winter. Monica is almost finished with her rocking chair. It is beautiful. Winter is coming.

Oh, and we found one of my favorite places in the world. Took the kids camping there last weekend. Very remote on a lake. Mikey killed birds for dinner. Lots of fun.