Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Whirlwind Trip to Chile

Wow, I was expecting to go see Monica and the boys for 2 weeks and get residency and a bank account. It turned out to be a month and we moved from Los Angeles to Pucon in the shadow of the volcano. It is a beautiful area with a 40,000 acre lake and climbing. There are more expats there, so language is not as big of a barrier, but we still need to learn spanish. The boys settled into their new school and we rented an awesome place on the lake. We made some great contacts down there and it definitely feels like home. And there is a great ashtanga yoga instructor in town. That is a big plus.

The boys all tested for their karate belts before we moved. There was not a whole lot of stuff to move since we have really simplified our lives over the last year. Not much junk.

Monica made a kick butt sweater. She amazes me sometimes. She seems to really like it down in Pucon. The active volcano villarrica is pretty neat. It glows at night because the lava is at the top.