Monday, January 19, 2015

Back From Chile

Abs and I just got back from Chile a week ago. We got turtle and jak settled in. They know enough to get around and shop for groceries, but they all need to learn a whole lot more spanish. We went to the beach one day north of Concepcion. It was a pretty cool beach. Cold water. Saw a tarantula on the drive back.

We took the kids out to the mountain lake in laja national park. What a beautiful place that is. Pretty stunning scenery. And the closest ski resort.

Mikey and Wyatt found a great fish restaurant in the heart of the mercado. Great fried fish and the marisca is out of this world. And it is cheap. But we mostly eat at the house. Fresh fruit is very cheap down there right now.

I started clearing out brush and trees down by the river. Going to turn that into a paradise once I am there. Plenty of rocks to build stuff with too.

Got the high speed internet hooked up. It is definitely fast enough to work off of. And there are other options if I need them. Juan's friend said he would lease me a desk in his place if I needed it. He has fiber optic lines in there.

I really enjoyed the trip this time. I can see myself living there one day. Going to terrace the whole property into gardens and stone walls. Maybe put a store at the bottom to sell stuff.