Monday, March 13, 2017

Chile Catchup Blog

Wow, it has been over a year since my last post. We have been crazy busy. We moved to a new house near Caburga in March 2016. It was small, but warm for the winter. And cheap, since we were more caretaking it for Terry so it did not get robbed. Wyatt built a cool forge while we were living there. And we made some great friends with the Appel family. It was nice being near caburga where we could paddle often. Monica found a steal of a deal on paddleboards so we have 2 now. The only thing bad about caburga is the road out there. Terrible potholes. I sold in March 2016. It just got to be too much of a nightmare dealing with my sister. And I don't really want liars and thieves in my life anyway. I have tried hard to remove all toxic people from my life. Life is too short to deal with lovers of money and people that would screw anyone for a dollar. I am still helping the buyer transition for now. I hit a dog going home to caburga one night. Did a bunch of damage to my car. Dogs in Chile suck. Monica went back to the states for 5 months while we were living near caburga. What started out as 2 months turned into 3, then 4, then 5. She did a body fitness competition with her sister. It was quite a breakout from traditional Monica as she has never done anything like that in her life. But she looked quite amazing. She really transformed her body over those 5 months. Abbey decided that she wanted to go to school in the states, so she is living with my parents and going to high school. She seems to be doing quite well and eating super healthy. We thought we were going to stay longer in the little barn house, but the owner finally sold his place in CA and called to say he was coming down. So we had to move again... We found a place close to town in a quiet area with great internet speed. Our new landlords are very nice and a friend of ours just moved in next door, so it worked out well. Although moving sucks. After living in the same house for 9 years, we have moved 6 times in 6 years. No more for a while I hope.... We started a local homeschool group with Jakjak, Kayler and Noa. It worked pretty well. They are all 3 very bright kids that work hard and love to learn. We alternate teaching day to day. Tortuga and I went to a cool concert in Santiago, 2Cellos. And Joanie, Danny, Michael, Wyatt and I scaled volcan villaricca and looked down into the heart of the beast. On the food front, we are up to 24 rabbits and 8 chickens. Not so much on the garden front yet, but plenty of berries to eat in the woods for free. And chestnuts. We lost several animals to stupid chilean dogs until we reinforced the fence enough to keep them out. Pain in the ass. Wyatt and I finally broke ground on share your dreams and it is getting built slowly but surely. It is going to be a really cool site. It has been about a year since Michael and I began jui jitsu full time. We are going to compete a little bit this year. And finally, I accidentally ran over George, our dog last week. He died after 2 days. Everyone was pretty sad about it. He was a good dog.