Thursday, October 24, 2013

Family Reunion Camp MerrieWoode

The family reunion in Cashiers was awesome. Danny taught us a great new board game which my kids love now. It is called Acquired. The nephews, nieces and cousins had a huge mud fight at the lake. What a mess that was. We played around on whitesides one day. Man, I miss climbing there. What a cool place. The weather was nice. I forgot how humid and wet it is up there. Very different compared to MT.
Winter has arrived in MT. It is supposed to get cold next week. I need to get the rest of the potatoes out of the ground. We must have 250 lbs of potatoes. And get our firewood covered. Snow may be on the way. Oh, and butcher one more goat. That boy can jump any fence.

Can't wait to read Allegiant and Champion, the 2 final books to 2 different awesome dystopian trilogies. The divergent movie looks like it will be awesome as well.

Galts Gulch Chile seems to be calling our name. Not sure about internet down there yet. Things are getting so out of hand in this country. My ribs finally healed from jujitzu, but now I tweaked my knee in volleyball. It sucks getting old, even though I take care of myself. I play too rough.

My awesome electric hand saw for cutting rocks failed on me yesterday. Not sure where to get it fixed. It is older than I am. Check out my crazy hair day.