Saturday, February 16, 2013

2013 Mild Winter

It has been a mild winter. Today was 50 and sunny so I got to work on the wall of stevi a bit. The whole side of the house is going to be a stone paradise when I am done.

We finished the last of the school field trips snow skiing last week. Lots of fun. The kids are getting pretty good. I made the mistake of taking Abbey and 5 of her friends to a movie the other night. Uggg, what a pain. I left them in town for 2 hours while I went to Tae Chi class. When I got back to pick them up, one of the girls decided to take off with other friends. She wouldn't answer her phone and we did not know her parents number. On the way to see the movie, the kids were ridiculously obnoxious.

I went to Atlanta for business. I saw Bob and Kris. Bob's new office is super cool. I love seeing a fellow capitalist succeed on a big level like he has. Looks like he is having fun. I have to get the bitlu merchant center done by Mar 31. Pushing hard.

I took Max and Cole up to the land to build some rock trees, but we ran out of time. Our land is beautiful. Those boys are driving now. Scary. Jenn is on a juice fast. It is good to see people starting to eat healthy. We are transitioning to a mostly plant based diet. The China Study is the most comprehensive study ever done on diet, nutrition and cancer. Their conclusions are that humans were designed to eat plants and this is the most optimal diet. You won't get cancer or many other diseases if you eat fruits and vegetables.

You can't find ammo anywhere these days. There is definitely some bad stuff brewing. The communist elitists in this country are definitely preparing to exterminate millions of americans. Why else would they be so adamant about confiscating guns when guns provide safety and defense against bad guys. It is truly sad that liberals, socialists, nazis, progressives, whatever they want to call themselves these days have NO VALUE for human life at all. They are monsters.