Thursday, December 5, 2013

Coldest Week Since We Moved to Montana

BRRrrrrrrrrrrr. It is around 0 degrees all week. Very cold. We are pretty much staying inside and working, playing games, etc. I am still the undisputed king of chess in this house. Acquired is getting worn out, what a great game. Lucky we have plenty of firewood since this is supposed to be a cold winter.

The kids have their season passes for lost trail and snowboards ready. It opens this weekend. They got 3 feet of snow last week down there.

I came across another freedom development in Chile from Simon Black, Sovereign Valley. It looks pretty awesome too. I hope to go visit in January from atlanta.

This country is getting more bleak by the day. Criminals and looters running the show, destroying the currency, murdering innocent people, dividing people against each other. Satan is definitely in control of most governments on earth.

Jak turned 6 today. He is a sweet kid. He is getting much better at reading and math.

Our friends the Lynns house burnt down a couple of weeks ago. That was some fire. Luckily everyone made it out safely.

here is a blast from the past.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Family Reunion Camp MerrieWoode

The family reunion in Cashiers was awesome. Danny taught us a great new board game which my kids love now. It is called Acquired. The nephews, nieces and cousins had a huge mud fight at the lake. What a mess that was. We played around on whitesides one day. Man, I miss climbing there. What a cool place. The weather was nice. I forgot how humid and wet it is up there. Very different compared to MT.
Winter has arrived in MT. It is supposed to get cold next week. I need to get the rest of the potatoes out of the ground. We must have 250 lbs of potatoes. And get our firewood covered. Snow may be on the way. Oh, and butcher one more goat. That boy can jump any fence.

Can't wait to read Allegiant and Champion, the 2 final books to 2 different awesome dystopian trilogies. The divergent movie looks like it will be awesome as well.

Galts Gulch Chile seems to be calling our name. Not sure about internet down there yet. Things are getting so out of hand in this country. My ribs finally healed from jujitzu, but now I tweaked my knee in volleyball. It sucks getting old, even though I take care of myself. I play too rough.

My awesome electric hand saw for cutting rocks failed on me yesterday. Not sure where to get it fixed. It is older than I am. Check out my crazy hair day.

Monday, September 16, 2013

New Great Dane Loverheart

Monica brought back a beautiful little great dane puppy. Her and max should make beautiful puppies.

We have been busy adding a deck on the playhouse and expanding the back yard fencing for the dogs and kids. A lot of temporary fencing until I get my wall done. Mike and James have been tearing the old roof off the house to add a new one. They also cut the back overhang off. This should allow more light in the house.

Family reunion is soon in NC. Should be fun. Can't wait to see Trish and family. The morgans and I went climbing at Stone Summit yesterday. excellent indoor climbing wall. Saw Tom Kenney there.

Chile is looking awfully appealing. I spoke with the found of GGC last week. Lots of fruits and vegetables. Lots of water rights. Close to the coast and beaches. Close to the mountains. Great weather. High speed internet. What is not to like? Oh, earthquakes. ha ha. It is becoming a real possibility with the way things are going here now. Our health insurance is going up AGAIN in January. Will probably drop it soon.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Baylee Died

I had to dig my first grave last week when our great dane baylee died unexpectedly. I can't imagine a whole being harder to dig than that one. She was a great dog and will be missed.

It took me a while to get back from Vermont, but I finally made it after a 4 day layover in Atlanta. I learned a lot and that was a great trip. Great to see pappy and sporty.

It has been a beautiful summer here in Montana. No fires or smoke until August 20th when a fire broke out in Lolo pass. It has been smokey this week because of that but not nearly as bad as last summers fires. Mikey and I have been back to Burnt Fork Lake, hiked Kootenai Creek, and hike Gold Creek this summer. All awesome places. We have been gathering more rock and building the wall.

Monica and Jak spend 4 weeks in atlanta. It was Jakjaks first time back since he was a baby. He had a blast with the cousins.

I busted my ribs about 4 weeks ago in JuJitsu. Man has that sucked. They still are not completely healed. I had to cancel my climbing trip to the tetons because of it. ugggghhhh.... I am heading out to Bonners Ferry to check out property up there soon. I have heard it is even a better valley than this. Hard to believe, but we'll see.... I also stumbled across galts gulch being built in Chile. Very intriguing indeed. So tempting. It is just hard to be certain whether it is the right move or not. To be continued...

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Met Thea Alvin

So we just finished a 4 day stone workshop on building moongates and arches from the experienced Thea Alvin up in Vermont. I learned a bunch which should help with my stuff back home. Thea definitely surprised me at her depth in thought. It is very rare these days that I meet someone so unique, understanding, and full of life. She has a big heart and is tough as nails.

I got to hang out with Pappy and Sporty while up in Vermont which was great as well. We went to the Barre rock quarry which is truly a testament to what mankind can do when not limited by communist governments and statists. That rock quarry is pretty amazing, 200 years old.

This flying standby is not exactly how you imagine it. I am now in Atlanta, trying to get home Saturday. uggggg. At least I get to spend some quality time with my nieces and nephews.

The garden is growing. First time we have ever grown spinach and brusell sprouts. yeahhhhh. Plenty of work to do back home if I ever get there. Greenhouse, wall, arches, patio, hugelkultur beds, ....
Mikey and I hiked to the top of St Marys peak and slid down the snow and ice. Lots of fun.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Legend and The China Study

I read Legend and Prodigy last month. More great dystopian books. I also came across the documentary Forks Over Knives and the book The China Study. Out of the hundreds of books I have read in my life, The China Study is one of the most VALUABLE. My whole life I have been taught lies and untruths about diet and nutrition. Pretty much most Americans grow up being taught lies from the meat and dairy industry. The China Study is the most comprehensive study ever done on nutrition and diet in relation to cancer. The evidence is overwhelming in favor of a plant based diet. 90+ percent of diseases in America would be wiped out with a plant based diet. I am just blown away at the staggering amount of evidence. Everyone that knows my eating habits would not believe how much I have changed my diet in the last 4 months. I still eat a LITTLE meat, but not much. Mostly fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, and real whole foods. I am getting stronger, have leaned out, lost body fat, and have more energy. So the last 2 years of building an animal farm is being pared way back. I don't think we will completely give up meat, but cutting way, way back. My focus now is a super awesome greenhouse to grow year round here, or we may find ourselves in Costa Rica, Chile, New Zealand, or another tropical environment.

The great wall of stevi is coming along. More capstones are on. I am still toying with what to do on top. I might do some moongates. We dug a huge pit out back for a greenhouse. I plan on building a rocket stove in it for heat and put a few rabbits as well for body heat in the winter. My aquaponics will migrate in there as well. Should be a cool project. Always learning.

Summer is here. It has been warm this month. The garden will get planted this week. mmmmmm

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Summer is almost here

Our goats are due with babies any day now. It will be nice to have fresh farm milk again. Hopefully we'll have some girls so we can sell them and make some money to pay for winter feed. Monica has been hatching ducks and chicks to sell and to replenish our flock. Chickens lay best the first year, then tail off.

The weather has been superb and has given me a chance to work on the great wall this week. It is coming along. I am going to put put large round rocks on top for coping. This should look cool. I need to start designing the patio and steps to the back deck.

Monica and I have been getting adjusted at a chiropractor this month. She is straightening me out. It is quite fascinating how a poor spine and posture can affect different organs in your body and hormones. We are also eating very healthy now. Lots of plant based living foods.

Delirium and pandemonium are great reads in the dystopian genre. I can't wait to read abbeys book when it is done.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

2013 Mild Winter

It has been a mild winter. Today was 50 and sunny so I got to work on the wall of stevi a bit. The whole side of the house is going to be a stone paradise when I am done.

We finished the last of the school field trips snow skiing last week. Lots of fun. The kids are getting pretty good. I made the mistake of taking Abbey and 5 of her friends to a movie the other night. Uggg, what a pain. I left them in town for 2 hours while I went to Tae Chi class. When I got back to pick them up, one of the girls decided to take off with other friends. She wouldn't answer her phone and we did not know her parents number. On the way to see the movie, the kids were ridiculously obnoxious.

I went to Atlanta for business. I saw Bob and Kris. Bob's new office is super cool. I love seeing a fellow capitalist succeed on a big level like he has. Looks like he is having fun. I have to get the bitlu merchant center done by Mar 31. Pushing hard.

I took Max and Cole up to the land to build some rock trees, but we ran out of time. Our land is beautiful. Those boys are driving now. Scary. Jenn is on a juice fast. It is good to see people starting to eat healthy. We are transitioning to a mostly plant based diet. The China Study is the most comprehensive study ever done on diet, nutrition and cancer. Their conclusions are that humans were designed to eat plants and this is the most optimal diet. You won't get cancer or many other diseases if you eat fruits and vegetables.

You can't find ammo anywhere these days. There is definitely some bad stuff brewing. The communist elitists in this country are definitely preparing to exterminate millions of americans. Why else would they be so adamant about confiscating guns when guns provide safety and defense against bad guys. It is truly sad that liberals, socialists, nazis, progressives, whatever they want to call themselves these days have NO VALUE for human life at all. They are monsters.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

CT Shooting Fraud

Where to start? It looks like our communist government will go to no limit to disarm the american people, including massacring children. The whole CT shooting stinks of inconsistencies in the stories and lies. The entire thing looks to be fabricated to give the muslim extremists in DC an excuse to try and disarm the american people. Not good. Genocide always follows gun confiscation. A civil war is brewing, mark my words.

We went snowboarding and skiing with the school last week. Lots of fun and only 2 kids got hurt. Last year, they were dropping like flies. Today Michael, Abbey, Monica and I shot some pistols out back. It was Abbeys first time.

All 3 goats are bred, so we'll see how many babies we get in the spring. Hopefully 6, that would be cool. And lots of goat milk if all 3 kid out.

So I try and learn something new every night. I have been researching nutrition and body ph and raw food diets and cancer cures. It really seems as though cancer can be prevented and cured with juicing and eating properly. The american food chain and diets are just so BADDDDD. I think if you eat NATURAL occuring food, you will be healthy as can be. We are going to cut out as much processed food and junk as we can without creating a rebellion from the kids.

I have read a lot of good books recently, most of which have been dystopian. Divergent series, Matched series, Maze Runner series. All great books and examples of what happens when elitist governments go wrong. I guess Atlas Shrugged was the original dystopian book.

It has been chilly this month. About 3 inches of snow on the ground now. It is nice when the sun comes out.