Monday, September 16, 2013

New Great Dane Loverheart

Monica brought back a beautiful little great dane puppy. Her and max should make beautiful puppies.

We have been busy adding a deck on the playhouse and expanding the back yard fencing for the dogs and kids. A lot of temporary fencing until I get my wall done. Mike and James have been tearing the old roof off the house to add a new one. They also cut the back overhang off. This should allow more light in the house.

Family reunion is soon in NC. Should be fun. Can't wait to see Trish and family. The morgans and I went climbing at Stone Summit yesterday. excellent indoor climbing wall. Saw Tom Kenney there.

Chile is looking awfully appealing. I spoke with the found of GGC last week. Lots of fruits and vegetables. Lots of water rights. Close to the coast and beaches. Close to the mountains. Great weather. High speed internet. What is not to like? Oh, earthquakes. ha ha. It is becoming a real possibility with the way things are going here now. Our health insurance is going up AGAIN in January. Will probably drop it soon.

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