Saturday, February 28, 2009

Obamunism Spreading

Wow, it is still hard for me to believe that this country deteriorated to the point where it elected a full on Marxist Communist as president. This guy is about as bright as a potato. Virtually every move he has made thus far has been wrong. He has spent a trillion dollars in his first 2 months of office on more big government. More looters, more leaches on society.
Yet nothing he has done will make a hill of beans in the overall scheme. It is all about to collapse on itself.

Ammo is hard to find these days. People are stocking up.
We are looking to build on red top mountain soon. That ought to be interesting.

Michael turned 10 last month. Hard to believe our first baby is 10 years old now.
Jak is all over the place now. Climbing and everything.
We'll be heading to Hawaii soon for a nice vacation.