Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Legend and The China Study

I read Legend and Prodigy last month. More great dystopian books. I also came across the documentary Forks Over Knives and the book The China Study. Out of the hundreds of books I have read in my life, The China Study is one of the most VALUABLE. My whole life I have been taught lies and untruths about diet and nutrition. Pretty much most Americans grow up being taught lies from the meat and dairy industry. The China Study is the most comprehensive study ever done on nutrition and diet in relation to cancer. The evidence is overwhelming in favor of a plant based diet. 90+ percent of diseases in America would be wiped out with a plant based diet. I am just blown away at the staggering amount of evidence. Everyone that knows my eating habits would not believe how much I have changed my diet in the last 4 months. I still eat a LITTLE meat, but not much. Mostly fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, and real whole foods. I am getting stronger, have leaned out, lost body fat, and have more energy. So the last 2 years of building an animal farm is being pared way back. I don't think we will completely give up meat, but cutting way, way back. My focus now is a super awesome greenhouse to grow year round here, or we may find ourselves in Costa Rica, Chile, New Zealand, or another tropical environment.

The great wall of stevi is coming along. More capstones are on. I am still toying with what to do on top. I might do some moongates. We dug a huge pit out back for a greenhouse. I plan on building a rocket stove in it for heat and put a few rabbits as well for body heat in the winter. My aquaponics will migrate in there as well. Should be a cool project. Always learning.

Summer is here. It has been warm this month. The garden will get planted this week. mmmmmm