Sunday, November 14, 2010

Winter is Coming

We are finally using the wood burning stove. This thing cranks!!! It heats the whole house. Much cheaper to heat with wood than gas. We got a few more loads of wood to make sure we have enough for winter. It is hard to tell because it goes fast. Anyway, the kids are doing good in school and I am positioning all the sites to really take off in January. I think we are going to create another instawares but better.

Our baby horses are doing good. Pepper healed up from her epic first day here and they are super friendly. We found a nice piece of property but the cash flow isn't there, so maybe next year.

Man, I am probably not the only one to notice, but food prices are going up. My pistachios are 20$ per bag now. Used to be 8. We have cut down on our food costs since we don't eat out any more. That's a good thing.