Monday, August 6, 2012

Stone Mason and Blacksmith Class

July was crazy. 11 great dane puppies. What a handful.

I spent a week learning to build stuff with stone. I really enjoyed that. I am starting to gather rocks for a big wall I am building at the house here. Mac and his wife were 2 amazing people. They even started their own school in VA 30 years ago. Just great people. For anyone interested, here are their sites.

Witness Tree Studio

Charles Mcraven

The following week was a week of blacksmithing. I learned a lot. Wyatt came with me and had a blast. He really wants me to get a forge now. We used coal and gas forges and made some knives, tongs, swords, and other stuff.

Anyway, just got back from the ATL. Not much has changed there. Drew and Mel built a beautiful barn and I hung out with Max and Emma a good bit. I should have booked for 2 more days, but hindsight is 20/20.

We are drinking goat milk regularly now. 1 goat puts off a lot of milk. Although they are a pain in the ass sometimes.

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