Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Spring in the Bitterroot

More great weather this month. We love it here. Our garden is almost done. The potatoes started coming out of the ground today. I still need to plant the strawberries, corn, and other veggies. It has been so busy dealing with all of the animals and babies. Mia had 3 puppies and is a great mom. Aunt mimi is taking one, our friends Olin and Megan are taking one, and we are going to keep the third and have 2 breeding girls. Baylee is due in about a month with great dane puppies. I expect a big litter from her. We have about 30 baby bunnies right now. They are mowing the grass daily. We made some rabbit jerky this week. The soy sauce marinated was good. Worstechire sauce, not so good. We'll keep experimenting. Goat had a little boy. He is the cutest little thing you have ever seen. Jakjak named him Zelda. It looks like our other goat may not have been pregnant after all, so that is kind of a bummer. We bought another baby goat yesterday because of that. Her name is oreo and it is fun to watch the 2 babies play. So we'll breed 3 this winter and hopefully have 3 milking goats next spring. Abbey, Maggie and I went into the mountains last weekend. We blew out a tire way back in. That was fun. Needless to say, we ran into snow drifts that were too high, so we did not make our destination. Maybe next time. Mikey and I canoed 15 miles of the bitterroot during high water. That was pretty intense. That is one dangerous river. We got spun around and dumped in under the Bells Crossing bridge. The water was ice cold and the look on Michaels face was priceless. Fortunately I am pretty calm under pressure and in crazy situations. I grabbed his vest and the canoe and we kicked it over to shore, warmed up a bit, then finished our trip. Last but not least, karma has apparently won again. Our crooked ex landlords have been stealing the current families rent and not paying the mortgage, so the bank has the house scheduled for foreclosure on July 1. I am hoping the current renters amber and mike can negotiate something with bank of america to stay in the house. They are good people and love it here too. Almost everyone we talk to in the bitterroot that knew the terrys are glad to see them gone. They just didn't fit in with the honest, hardworking, good morals of most people in the valley. It is so weird, though, how infatuated Nicole and Jason are with Monica and I. They still call and leave random voicemails on our cell phones from time to time that make no sense. I guess being dopers, they probably don't think clearly at times. Most of the messages sounded like they were drunk or doped up. I guess I would probably smoke dope too if I had to listen to nicoles squeaky ass voice everyday. Like fingernails on a chalkboard. Next month I learn how to build stuff out of stone from a top stone mason and I learn to make tools and shape steel in his blacksmithing class. Awesome.

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