Sunday, March 30, 2008


Well, it looks like I am going to use a PHP / SQL Server infrastructure to power my SCE Can't wait, Kris and I are learning the scripting language now. It's very similar to the netcommerce I used at sweet paper and the classical asp I used at instawares.

Looks like we may have to shut down Egeorgiapacific. What a bunch of buttheads that company has. Funny, because the KOCH brothers preach capitalism and freedom, but all GP does is make crazy decisions that make no sense, and they love to sue people. It doesn't make sense for us to fight it, though. After all, they are our vendor for the site. If they don't want us to market their products, so be it. I will focus all commercial paper and foodservice keywords to Kimberly Clark products instead. A few months and years from now, when I have EKC doing a few million a month, I'll send GP an email about what they missed out on.

Anyway, most of the sites posted record months in March yet again. Spring break is upon us, may take the kids somewhere. The new ETO building is opening this week with much more space than the previous one. I am happy their business is doing well, they are one of the nicest families you will ever meet.

The kids are doing great in school. Jak is growing like a weed. He is a wonderful baby. Don't see much of mom and dad. Mom works too much and dad likes to sit at home and count his money and watch tv. Come to think of it, everyone is so damn busy, it is hard to get together with people. That is why I try to have some cookouts regularly to force people to take time out of their schedules to get together.

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