Friday, April 18, 2008

Spring Break 2008

Well, we had a good family trip to Orlando. We took the kids to 3 different parks: Magic Kingdom, Blizzard Beach, and Universal Islands of Adventure. They had fun. We also let them drive an 18 wheeler around the yard at my grandpas trucking company. They got a kick out of that. Jak was a trooper, we drug him around everywhere.
We saw uncle Bobby and Aunt Linda and Rob. They are building a beautiful new house on a lake. Word has it there is a big anaconda living near. :)
We saw John Paul, Jenny and PJ. PJ is the cutest little girl ever. Abbey enjoyed hanging out with her. They have a beautiful lake house as well.
We saw Donna and went out to the property to take a look at things. Shannon met us with the boys for dinner at Chevys which was a good time.

EGP is almost shut down. We are having record months on the rest of the sites. Valuepluspaper is coming online now. Should be fun.
Bitlu is very close now. PHP and mysql on Red Hat will probably be the platform.

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