Friday, March 21, 2008

slack blogger

Man, I am getting slack at blogging. Let's see, in the last month:
Michael got his brown belt and abbey her blue belt.
Michael had some gymnastic meets.
James is eating fruit and sitting up a little.
Wyatt and Michael are kicking my butt at Halo 3 and for all of those who know how competitive I am, well, let's not go there. I get quite upset to say the least.
February was another record month for all of the sites. 2 new ones should be live within the next 2 weeks, one in restaurant smallwares and the other jansan and office supply.
By the end of the year, the nail in the coffin of instawares should be complete.
Shopping comparison engine is coming very soon now, I am chomping at the big. I feel like I have everything in place to do it now, just a matter of signing off on the infrastructure and getting started. Boy am I going to shake up that industry in a couple of years.
Here is a pic of my little princess.

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