Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Another busy month in the Kampel house. Getting ready for winter, cutting wood, building shelters, painting shelters, building wind breaks, digging ponds and a stream for the ducks, building the great wall of stevi and more. It is never ending.

Vanilla and Oreo were bred, so we'll have more goats and milk in a few months. Mia might be pregnant, we are not sure yet since George was barely old enough.

This was a pretty sad month in American history when more than half of americans have become total losers and live off the government tit. For a loser like hussein to get reelected, it speaks volumes of how sad america has become. It is only downhill from here. I bet George Washington is rolling in his grave.

We are trying to move to New Zealand or Chile, but still a lot of unknowns. They both look like paradise.

St Pierre vs Condit was one of the greatest fights of all time.

I have 2 layers on the great wall of stevi done 25 feet out from the corner. It is going slower than I expected, but it is enjoyable and I am proud of it. One of my future projects will be stone trees. We picked up a forge for free, so I'll have to get that fired up this winter and shape some steel.

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