Sunday, March 11, 2012


I am getting pretty excited to launch my new site. I think it could become huge as a social platform to communicate with local friends and neighbors. Should be done soon.

It has been an active spring. Michael and I have been shooting a lot. We shoot skeet in the back yard. Abbey and I went horseback riding with Bill last weekend. That was a blast. The weather has been amazing. This winter was very mild. We'll have to start getting the garden in shape.

For anyone that does not believe in karma. The sleezebag ex landlords of ours are losing their home to the bank July 1. What goes around, comes around. They screwed us over along with plenty of other honest people, so it is only fitting. The tenants called me and told me, "Eric, you were right. They are crooks. The Terrys have been taking our money and not paying the mortgage on the house. BOA is auctioning the house July 1. So of course they have to find a new place now, just like we had to. But at least they won't have to deal with Bonnie and Clyde any more.

Baby goats due in May. I am very excited about the goats. We tried some goat milk last week and it was delicious. We plan on making ice cream, butter, cheese and other dairy products with it, too. Self sufficiency takes one step at a time. We have plenty of rabbit meat, that is for sure.

Jak is doing good on his reading lessons. He never wants to do them, but is getting better. I have to do most lessons with him twice. I think I started him a bit too early, but.....

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