Friday, January 13, 2012

Mild Winter in the Bitterroot

This winter has been much nicer than our first. A lot of sunny days and pretty mild weather for Montana. We have 2 pregnant goats now. 1 alpine and one lamancha. They are both due in May. We'll have a few babies running around and plenty of milk I guess. Our rabbits continue to breed like crazy. We are up to 30 or so. Nice, lean meat and great for rabbit and dumplings. We gets eggs every day although our duck has stopped laying this week. Not sure what is up with her.

Wyatt , Abbey and I went to atlanta during the last week of 2011 and stayed at mom and dads house. I must have put on 10 lbs. All they do it eat and eat and eat. :) Mom spent a couple of days in the hospital with pain in her midsection. We are still not sure what the cause was, but she seems to be better now.
The kids and I went up to Charlotte and went sailing with Gehrig on his 26 ft sailboat. I loved it and could definitely live on the water. My dream.

It is definitely good to be home back in Montana where people are real and care about each other. We have built some great relationships out here and this is definitely home. I am glad Jehovah led us out here, I believe God was leading us to a better way of life.

I started teaching Jak to read this week. I forgot how frustrating it can be to teach a 4 year old to read. But he is catching on. Typical boy, though. He can't sit still. I biked up to the kids school to drop off some lunch money and played football with Wyatts class at recess. Now they all want me to come up there every day at recess. :) Those were the days when I was Wyatt's age 10 and all we did was play football every day all day after school. There was nothing better than that.

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