Sunday, October 25, 2009

Egypt 2009 Post Trip

So Egypt was interesting. The pyramids are obviously amazing and we saw some of the oldest churches in the world along with some cave churches.

The city of Cairo itself, though, is very, very dirty and polluted. 20 million people with tons of traffic and garbage. I guess that is where the US is heading if obama and his muslim buddies succeed in destroying our country from the inside out. Nobody smiles there either.

The orphanage in Cairo, on the other hand, is like a beacon of light shining in the darkness. Everyone smiles, the place is clean, and the kids are great. I would have brought a couple of them home with me, but the muslim obamunists won't let you adopt.

We set up a computer lab and hired a teacher to teach computers and english to the children. We started a playground, finished another room, got the kids some scooters, and basically had a good time there. Hopefully, these kids will grow up and shine like diamonds to everyone around them.

Today, we are heading to Arkansas to search for diamonds, the hard kind. Then off to Dallas.

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