Friday, October 2, 2015

Gun facts about Australia

I decided to write this to clarify the facts on the Australian gun ban since liberals like to lie in the media. If you look at the australian governments stats on their own site here : Australia Gun Stats , you will see that after the gun ban/confiscation/disarmament in 1996, crime skyrocketed. Sexual assaults went up, armed robberies went up, unarmed robberies went up, kidnappings went up. Innocent civilians were unable to defend their families and property against criminals who still had guns.

Now, when things started to change for the better was around 2002/2003 when australians realized that they actually needed guns to protect their families, children and property from bad guys. Crime got so bad, then from 2003 until current day 2015, firearm ownership in Australia has increased dramatically. Up almost 40% in the last few years. Australia Gun Ownership Increases

And with that increase in gun ownership has come drastically lower robbery rates and slightly lower murder rates. Basically the same results that history has always shown time and time again. Criminals don't like to deal with armed families. They want helpless victims. Let's think about it, would you want your daughter facing a 320 lb rapist with her bare hands. Or would you want her to have a gun and be trained how to use it. It is kind of a no brainer.

In all fairness, Australia has never really had a big murder problem, anyway. So there are the facts for you.

Another quick page to look at is this one with 6 charts of crime before and after gun bans in various countries. All 6 of the gun bans resulted in higher crime and murders. Gun Bans Before and After.

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