Friday, February 27, 2015

Climbing again

It is nice to be climbing again. Thanks Greg Allen for dragging my busy butt out to the crag. I also met some new climbing partners. Gary and I have been climbing a little in TN. And then burly Tommy Caldwell, who reminds me of myself a few years ago. Oh, and before I forget, Shufords smokehouse has never tasted better. MMMMMMMMMMM. Looks like we are heading up tomorrow to send some lines. Jamestown, Twall, lookout.

Abs and I have been juice fasting a bit this month. It is not really a fast because you are getting plenty of nutrients, but you feel good. Although you crave things. Jui Jitsu is awesome. I keep hurting myself, but I can't help it. Too much fun. I wish I had started young. I jacked up my neck for a couple of weeks. Old injury, but keeps getting aggrevated.

I really miss Monica and the boys. Longest we have ever been apart. God has me here for a reason I think. Just not sure what it is. Or I am being too stubborn to follow Jehovahs path for me. It does seem like he has been leading me down this path. It is just scary and committing. Kind of like climbing.

Jenn and I went to Nashville last week for Essendants conference. Very good. I learned a lot. And met a couple of cool bands. Little big town and Parmalee.

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