Monday, January 13, 2014

Cowboy Party

We got dressed up for a cowboy party today to celebrate Dianas moms birthday. Lots of good food and cowboy hats. I shaved my beard into a mustache for it. It was pretty funny looking.

I took a shot at a wolf last week that was eating our ducks out back. I missed, but I won't next time. I set up a couple of snares out back to see if I can catch any coyotes too. I hiked to the top of the mountain just north of Kootenai creek twice last month. It is super cool and remote up there. Makes you feel alive.

The kids and I went snowboarding last week. It was a blast. Jakjak is learning to ski. Mike picked up snowboarding faster than anyone I have ever seen. He is quite athletic and agile. I have been working on my handstands with him. Trying to get as good as him. I do yoga practically every day now just to stretch out and strengthen my joints. Desk jobs kill your body.

Abs and I have been doing Spanish daily trying to learn as much as possible before our trip to Chile. I can't wait to check it out. I have also been reading the bible daily on the bible app. It has a 365 day plan to read it through. I have read it a couple of times, but it is pretty complex. Abbey is now being homeschooled after her communist teachers ran her off. She was the smartest kid in the entire school, but the teachers did not like her because you wouldn't conform to their fascist regime. What a bunch of pathetic losers public school teachers are. If anyone is going to burn in hell, it is these child molesters they call public school teachers. I bet there are only about 10 good ones in the entire country.

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