Monday, January 31, 2011

Rabbits 101

We got Abbey and Wyatt 2 rabbits yesterday for 4H club. After talking to the breeder, I am going to start breeding meaty rabbits for food. They only take 12 weeks to raise to eating size and they mate like crazy. The meat is supposed to be very lean as well. It comes out to 1-2 dollars per lb of meat after processing. A very sustainable way to grow your own meat without having a lot of property for cows, buffalo or pigs and cheap too. I'll have to figure out what to do with the rabbit furs. Whoever is reading this better be prepared to get some rabbit fur presents in the mail. We are still trying to find Abbey an Angora rabbit so she can use the long fur for spinning and knitting. That will be cool.

The boys are in robotics and building some cool stuff. We have met several great families as well in the 4H. Lots of great people out here, intelligent, level headed, practical and responsible.

Record month for the sites. Getting there slow and steady.

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