Friday, November 13, 2009

First Epic of 2009 Road Trip

Well, it was bound to happen, but we had our first little epic tonight. After driving 7 hours from Amarillo, Tx to Santa Fe, NM, our nav system took us up a weird route. It looked normal on the nav map until we hit dirt, which was mud from the rain. I went up a little ways, then turned around and backtracked 15 miles to take another road.

Well, after 14 miles on this road, it turned to dirt (mud) and I went a little too far and got the truck and trailer stuck. The mud was like oil. So by this time, it is 7 pm and dark and 36 degrees out at 7000 ft elevation. After debating about just sleeping right there in the trailer with the 4 kids and braving the 20 degree night, we decided to walk down the road for a mile to the last house we saw and use their phone, since we had no cell coverage.

So we went down to the house, kind of scary, but they were very nice and helped us. Unfortunately, we could not get a wrecker to understand where we were.

So I then walked back up the road, unhooked the trailer and blasted my way out with the truck. Man, that mud is terrible. So we headed back down to Santa Fe, which was an hour backwards and got a hotel. 11pm by this time. I talked to some wreckers who did not think they could get the truck out, so I kept calling and found a gung ho guy that is going to meet me in the morning to head up there and get the trailer. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Oh and did I mention I stepped in dog shit and got it on my rug in the truck.
What a f... night.
Hopefully no one will mess with our trailer.

Oklahoma City was a blast. We stayed with James and Chrissy for 4 days. The kids played wonderfully together and Chrissy cooked up some great food. I have put on way too much weight in Texas and Oklahoma. I am a sucker for TexMex. And we got to climb in some silos, fun, fun..

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TURTLE said...

You left out the part where your WIFE told you NOT to go that way... and to turn around!!! Good thing God is with us!