Friday, July 17, 2009

What a busy 6 weeks

Wow, time is flying by. In the last 6 weeks, I have been up the east coast to Pennsylvania, down to the Keys, and next week Myrtle Beach.

Abbey has been at camp for 3 weeks now with 2 weeks to go. We get to visit her tomorrow. We miss you Abs. Hope you are having a great time.

Unfortunately grandpa brown has a very rare brain disease called CJD which is terminal. Within 4 weeks, he has gone from walking and talking to bed ridden and not recognizing anything. His brain is being turned to mush. I went down to help mom and Aunt Dorothy take care of him last week. It was sad, but I am glad I went. He recognized me 3 times while I was there, but only for a few seconds before his brain drifted off again.
We love you grandpa.

Aunt Dorothy, my grandpa's sister told me lots of good stories about when they were younger. Aunt Dorothy is the coolest lady around, hands down. We'll be going up to Wisonsin next summer for her big family reunion.

Kudos to John Faucette for a great motorcycle wreck last week. He is now known as the Human Scab. Lesson, don't pop wheelies.

Mikey is testing for his red belt tomorrow. Good luck Michael.

We traded in the van yesterday for a 4x4 chevy suburban. We needed something big and comfy for our road trip coming up. And I got a Flip Video Recorder today as well. Cool toy. Hopefully we can get this house sold in August and hit the open road.

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