Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Max 11th birthday

Well, today Max turns 11, tomorrow I turn 35. Man I am getting old.
Thought I would post an email response I sent someone today. I would hate for anyone else not to see it.

We are in deep, deep doodoo. Everyone is walking around day to day like this is going to somehow get better. People say, we'll recover next year.
My question is HOW?

Who is going to decrease the massive size of the federal government that doesn't produce much , but spends 4 trillion a year now.
Who is going to rid us of the thousands and thousands of regulations that burden capitalist businesses and cost jobs and profit?
Who is going to abolish the utter failure of a government school system that sucks billions of dollars down the tube without educating children?
Who is going to put an end to the multi-billion dollar ponzi scheme called social security?

Socialism produces nothing but starvation and war.
CAPITALISM produces WEALTH which brings the whole standard of living of everyone up.
It creates jobs, builds factories, builds skyscrapers, ...

Yesterday was a real wake up call in my mind, because the federal reserve bank lowered the interest rate to 0. There is nothing else they can do now legitimately to spur the economy. The only thing left for the looters in washington to do is print money to inject liquidity, which will just cause inflation and DEVALUE our currency. I don't see any way out of this now, the looters in washington are not willing to give up their ABSOLUTE power. They are going to take us down with them. All they have to do is get out of the way and let us capitalists create and innovate and start to produce again, but their pride keeps them from giving up the power.

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JG said...

Right on Eric, always good to hear from awake and thinking people!