Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cub Scouts

Man, cub scouts are taking up a lot of my time. The boys love it.  Also, the boys in my den love it, so I am glad I can make a difference in these young boys lives.
Michael and Wyatt got their bobcat badges.

We pulled Wyatt and Michael out of school last week to homeschool. They are enjoying it as are we.  Abbey is going to finish out the year.  She loves her teacher too much to leave right now.

We have been exploring other places in the world to live.  New Zealand is nice. Brazil is nice.  Maybe even India.  It is time to escape the Obamunism.  People in this country have been dumbed down so much, they don't even understand what government is for.  Plus most of this country now wants handouts and wants to steal from hard working people to support their lazy ass lives.  

JakJak is growing up.  He is very mobile, although not walking yet. 

We went to Rebecah Molly's first birthday last weekend.  Steph and Josh apparently forgot her name, so they had to give her a new name.  

The boys and I have been up at the land a lot playing around. I love it up there.

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