Thursday, December 27, 2007

Big year coming up

Well, 2007 was a quiet year. We added another boy James to the family while Stephanie and Josh added another little girl named Rebeccah. The kids are getting bigger and smarter and tougher. We just bought a couple of more paintball guns, so this should be a fun winter of paintball. Unfortunately with the water drought, we won't be able to blow snow this winter.

Once again, I have proved how easy it is to do good ecommerce. With 6 live sites hitting record months every month and 2 more due first quarter of 2008, the competitors will start to feel the squeeze I think in 2008. I hope to totally destroy my baby Instawares by the end of 2008. They will not be able to handle the onslaught of 6 sites going directly against them and a shopping comparison engine to boot which they won't have access to. Some days I wish I had never founded Instawares, because I made a lot of crooks money, but it was a good learning curve for me. And I am turning around and doing it again at the same rate with nothing to stop me thus far. And being profitable since month 2 is pretty sweet as well.

Starting 2008 in ETO,
Michael is a Blue Belt.
Abbey is a purple belt.
Wyatt is a purple belt.
I am a purple belt.

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